User Agreement

  1. Digital Nomadic Bucks Multidirectional Online Barter Exchange (“DNBMOBE”) administers an online network of Users who purchase products (mostly digital, versus physical) and services (mostly for business, instead of personal) from each other, using Digital Trade Dollars (“DNB”) that can only be used at our website to measure the buying and selling of those products and services. DNB cannot be converted or sold for United States currency or any other type of currency for that matter and 1 DNB is equivalent to a US dollar.

  2. References to Users includes the User both as a buyer and seller.

  3. In order for someone to become a User, they must select a basic, standard or premium membership and upon cancellation, the User’s account will be terminated.

  4. Memberships can be changed by Users at any time.

  5. Acceptance as an authorized User, the seller will: (a) price products and/or services at the same rate as their regular cash listings in other online marketplaces (b) sell products and/or perform services to the buyer at a cost that’s not in excess of the ticketed or posted price for such products and/or services (c) can only offer a cash amount on their products and/or services for 50% or less of the total DNB that must be advertised as well. However, all buyers must choose either the DNB or cash option and not a combination of both. All buyers that choose to pay sellers for their products and/or services only with cash, must do so outside of Digital Nomadic Bucks and as a result, no cash fee needs to be paid to DNBMOBE, and (d) not require a minimum amount of products to be purchased or services to be performed.

  6. The secure wallet inside the sellers account will be credited and the buyers debited for the total sale amount in DNB.

  7. All Users are responsible for collecting and declaring their own taxes.

  8. DNBMOBE provides online statements to the User detailing all transactions. DNBMOBE will be entitled to treat everything shown on a statement as complete, correct and binding on the User, unless the User gives DNBMOBE written notice of an error in or omission from the statement by no later than 30 days after the statement date recorded on that statement.

  9. DNBMOBE in its sole discretion may charge back to the secure wallet inside the seller and buyers account for the total sale amount of DNB in any transaction in any of the following circumstances:

    • The buyer does not receive the product or service described;

    • The transaction evidenced is for any reason illegal, void or invalid;

    • The seller has attempted to reduce, increase or disguise the amount of the transaction;

    • The User has failed to comply with these Terms as revised from time to time;

    • Any other circumstances which DNBMOBE considers appropriate to refuse to credit the secure wallet inside the sellers account in whole or in part;

    • Buyers who are not able to pay cash fees using PayPal, must instead transfer the total sale amount of the product or service in DNB, from their wallet to the sellers wallet ( Then, within 24 hours after receiving notification from DNBMOBE, they must make the necessary payment for the cash fee to the Payoneer account of DNBMOBE. Otherwise, the wallet inside the buyers account will be credited and the sellers debited for the total sale amount of the product or service in DNB and the order will be void;

    • DNBMOBE has the right to refuse to credit the secure wallet of a Users account, even in those cases where the User has complied with these Terms. DNBMOBE will notify the User of each refusal to credit and debit to the secure wallet of a designated account under this section. If a User does not dispute a credit refusal or debit in writing to DNBMOBE within seven (7) business days of the date of the credit refusal or debit was made, it will mean that the User has accepted that credit refusal or debit.

  10. DNBMOBE will not be responsible to the buyer for the quality or fitness of any products or services acquired with the use of DNB which will be the sole responsibility of the seller. DNBMOBE is not responsible for any conflicts between Users that results from any exchanges, including without limitation, overpricing practices or a User’s refusal to carry out a transaction. DNBMOBE acts only as an administrator of an online network of Users and is in no way responsible for agreements between and among Users. All claims by a buyer and all disputes concerning a transaction evidenced by an online statement or User’s normal enquiring practice, will be settled by the seller and buyer directly.

  11. Under no circumstances may DNB be converted or sold for United States currency or any other type of currency by the User. A User who violates this term may have their account automatically terminated.

  12. These Terms will remain in full force and effect until the User’s account is terminated. All obligations of the parties in respect of any transaction entered into prior to termination will survive such termination. All DNB inside the secure wallets of User accounts will be forfeited, at the time such notice of termination is sent through email transmission to the User.

  13. These Terms will ensure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, successors and assigns.

  14. The User will indemnify DNBMOBE against and hold it harmless from all claims of whatsoever nature arising out of DNBMOBE acting as administrator or in any way being part of the network of Users.

  15. DNBMOBE may amend these Terms periodically. DNBMOBE will notify the User of any such amendment in writing. If the User completes any transaction after the effective date of any amendment, the User will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to such amendments.

  16. DNBMOBE may give notice to the User in respect to any matter required by these Terms by email transmission to the User’s last known email address appearing in DNBMOBE’s records. Any such email transmission will be deemed to be received by the User on the date sent.

Refund Policy:

    • DNB will be returned upon receipt of a User’s request through email ( transmission to DNBMOBE in the following form; username, information on the payment transaction and reason for the return of DNB.

    • DNBMOBE will return the User’s DNB within 21 business days but no more than 30 calendar days.

    • DNBMOBE shall have the right to refuse the return of DNB if the User violates the User Agreement.

    • DNBMOBE shall have the right to refuse the return of DNB if the DNB was received as a result of a program error in DNBMOBE’s system.

    • DNBMOBE shall have the right to refuse the return of any cash fee paid by the User.

    • DNBMOBE shall have the right to refuse the return of previous subscription payments, if the User requests a refund.