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Spokesperson videos or Humatars for your school or digital business. An A.I. generated person that looks and sounds realistic. For best service, click the inquiry button with question before your purchase. 

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What are spokesperson videos or Humatars? They are A.I. generated and life-like in appearance, movement and sound. DS Video Productions can create these stunning spokesperson videos or Humatars for you in 3 easy steps and don’t forget that these spokesperson videos or Humatars are great for presentations, courses, training videos and social media marketing.

  1. Just choose your spokesperson video or Humatar, then send us a script or we can write one for you.
  2. Next, choose one of 23 major languages.
  3. Finally, choose your background and text.

Spokesperson videos or Humatars can save you time and money for your school or business!

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