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With over 5 years of experience, we at Evelogics have talented tech minds who are willing to do their work. With a dynamic software company backing you up based in Pakistan that has consistently met the client’s expectations, we work on large-scale & complex projects all the time.

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What We Do:

Manage Your Offshore OfficeWe create and manage your offshore office for you, making it easier for you to focus on your business strategies. This helps
you reduce your dev costs and get progress reports at any time.

ConsultancyOur consultancy team focuses on your most critical issues and opportunities in strategies, technology, marketing, organization, operations, transformation, digital infrastructure, advanced analytics, and sustainability across all industries and regions. Often times a customer might have a grand idea about a website however it fails shortly when they try to actually explain it to the devs. This is where consultancy comes into play as it allows us to help you streamline your thoughts and help you achieve the dream website that you always wanted

Hire a TeamWe always have an idea of what our customers want, we are listening with keen ears. always looking to improve and provide for your business ambitions. We provide a qualified team, fully understanding the importance of getting it right from qualification to hiring, development, and deployment.

Outsource Your IT InfrastructureOur IT outsourcing service enables you to hand over the full responsibility of your infrastructure to us. While opting for our IT Support services, you will be also able to tap into our experienced team of IT consultants, software engineers, and testers for IT consultancy and get additional support for your business applications. Outsourcing helps you to ease up and take it from your hands while you can tend to other needs

The Services we Provide – Web Development is a way to make people aware of the services and/or products you’re offering, to explain why your products are relevant and even necessary for them to buy or use, and to see what distinguishes your company from competitors. Customers will be influenced greatly by displaying this information with high-quality images and a well-thought-out presentation, so strive to make your product as relatable and appealing as possible. The services we provide are Web development which includes the ability to create a modern design for websites that not only has faster loading times but also has a great user experience with an adaptive layout that adapts well to different screens.

Mobile DevelopmentTo have a mobile application for your business is essential nowadays as the rise of the internet makes it so that everything is accessible using our mobile phones. Not having an app can be detrimental as you will miss out on most of your revenue. Mobile devices alone made around 54.8% of global website traffic in 2021 alone (Statista, 2021). We have other services such as mobile development that include security & privacy to apps that can run at great speeds to Os flexibility, oftentimes whenever I use applications I find myself sitting and waiting because the application wasn’t properly optimized so this service helps a lot here. There are many types of phones out there that use different types of software to run them such as iOS and Android and running an application requires you to develop them catering to the software that they are running on so to invest in a good mobile app is very much useful, doing so will allow you to upload said app onto many different platforms such as Google Play and Apple App Store

UI/UXThe needs of your clients can be most easily shown off by having an UI/UX that caters to their needs, meaning it is an aspect when it comes to designing a website that sticks out the most and in many cases matters the most too as it is a direct representation of the what the customer wants from us to do.UI/UX has the capability of shining the website allowing the users to use it smoothly and not have to worry about bugs occurring, due to a good design, the probability of you spending more money is less due to the website not needing it in the first place. This helps save a lot of time and money. UI/UX is another service we provide, this service helps when you want your website to run smoothly all the while the experience of using one is also kept well. UI/UX is a little different from web development in that UI/UX are a part of web development so one shouldn’t confuse themselves with these services.

Testing & QAQA and testing revolve around development cycles and they consist of processes that refine the whole project and make sure that the quality is there, it also helps with maintenance costs as you won’t need to maintain it that much due to it being polished in the first place all the while boosting more performance and enhanced functionality. Testing and QA usually comes into play when the product is just about to be released into the public or before its release, personally speaking testing is very important as without a proper test it makes the website or application a not-so-professional
product. QA and Testing allows for the application to be sold or published at a higher price as compared to other apps due to it being tested properly. Customers are more likely to get satisfied with any application that you make because they have seen your work and realize that you are capable or releasing content that will not crash and are more inclined to even go as far pay for items within to support the creators of said application/website.

IT ConsultingIT consulting and its market size has increased in the US alone by 30% from the year 2011 to 2019 with a value of 524.5 billion USD ( That says a lot about how much this service is needed by the general public. What I’ve personally seen is that due to the rapid changing nature of IT as a whole, many people tend to get left behind on the curb and because of that they are always in need of consulting. That’s where our expertise comes in, we at Evelogics have always have an expert team on hire that is readily available in helping our customers out by keeping frequent communications between them and the customers. Research and Development on business solutions so you don’t have to worry about any potential risks, and to wrap it all up we have no such any surprise fees and invoices, payments are
upfront and well structured.

Digital Marketing ServicesDigital marketing stands for advertising something on the internet instead of billboards or newspapers. A survey in 2020 shows that almost 25% of companies have used SEO for mobiles to further increase traffic to their site (HubSpot,2020). Arguably one of the biggest platforms ever to market on is the internet and with such a huge platform, making room for yourself in a very wide pool of competitors is difficult and that’s where we provide our customers with strategies that will help you bolster your search results on your website or to get more people to see your website or product you are advertising, to be able to increase the amount of Rate of Interest and lastly generating more leads, all of which in the end comes down to the customer’s benefit.


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