I will setup a highly effective google ads PPC search ads campaign



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Setup Google Ads Adwords PPC campaign



Hello There!

You want to see your next Google Adwords PPC Campaign successful right? I’ll do that for you to bring the best outcomes.

Would you like to make your Google Ads campaign profitable? I will utilize my experience and information to optimize your Google Ads campaign to guarantee a high CTR and a low CPC. My following techniques: 

I am Masum Ahmed (certified Digital Marketing Expert & Google Partner) strategist with years of experience.

I’ll Setup a highly effective Google Ads Adwords PPC campaignwhich will include:

  • Analyze your website and your competitor’s landing pages.
  • Setup Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  •   Set up a Complete Search Campaign in Google Ads.
  •    Keywords Research (Short & Long Tail)
  •  Adding Negative Keywords In Order To Exclude Unwanted Traffic
  •   Ads Development (Responsive, Expanded Text Ads, Call Ads) 
  •   Targeting Relevant Audiences & Demographics
  •    Manual Bidding To Achieve Low CPC
  •    Competitor Analysis
  • Google PPC Campaign Optimization
  • Remarketing & Google PPC campaign

        Please contact me before placing an order.

Thank You So Much


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