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Hi, my name is Avinash and in the past 12 years, I’ve been working as an online freelancer in the B2B Lead Generation field. I offer a wide variety of B2B leads from Crunchbase Premium and LinkedIn sales navigator to promote your business. I can collect any kind of B2B leads overnight to attract more clients. I am a B2B Lead Generation Expert and have been working for nearly 12 years. I can also generate leads from Google Maps (GMB). I use email finding and verifying premium tools.

DNB70.00 – cash negotiable
Please Inquire Before Ordering


I have 10 years of experience building prospect lists. I can give you a geo-targeted, fresh B2B prospect list based on your criteria.

Areas of Service:

  1. B2B lead generation & web research for specific companies, industries, organizations, and other sectors.
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator advanced search to collect CEO/founder/co-founder/owner/president/partner/managing member/managing partner, CFO/COO/CMO, and any desired person’s contact lists for business development purposes.
  3. Find targeted leads from LinkedIn, Crunchbase Pro Access, Google Maps, and other directories and websites.

Here is what I’ll need to understand your target market:

  1. Target Industry: Software, IT, Health Care, Finance, Insurance, Ecommerce, etc.
  2. Target Location: City/Country
  3. Company Size: 1-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500 etc.
  4. Required Fields & Format

I will then provide you leads in the following format:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Email Address (Verified)
  4. LinkedIn Profile URL
  5. Company Name
  6. Website
  7. Address (City/State)
  8. Company Size etc.


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