Full Stack Web Developer


Full Stack Web Development


To build a WordPress eCommerce or investment web application – DNB200.00
To build a Python Django web application – DNB250.00
To build a full stack web application using Reactjs, Nodejs, Express and Mongodb – DNB300.00

DNB200.00 – cash negotiable
Please Inquire Before Ordering


I have a bachelor’s degree in earth science (Geology).
The institution where the degree was awarded is the University of Benin, Nigeria.(2013).
I have an HTML5 diploma e-learning certification.
Institution: Scholars International Institute of Technology, London (2020).


  • Over 4 years of experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Over 4 years of experience using WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Over 4 years of experience using PHP and MySQL.
  • Over 3 years of experience using Reactjs and Nodejs with Mongodb.
  • A year of experience using Python and Django.

Here is my GitHub link below:


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