Banners and GIFS For Your Website


DS Video Productions


Grab the attention of visitors to your website or social media with an interactive banner or GIF.

DNB250.00 – cash negotiable
Please Inquire Before Ordering


What is the problem with most websites? Grabbing and holding the attention of your visitors until they ultimately complete a purchase. How is this service useful for teachers or business owners? You can show off your classes or products in an engaging way! DS Video Productions can create media rich HTML5 banners and GIFS for your website and social media that will help hold and keep the attention of your viewers and clinch those important sales. All the DSVP banners and GIFS can be optimized for any website or social media platform. We can add clickable hotspots, embedded video, menus, and pop-ups as a call to action for your viewers. Please watch the product video below and contact Darryl@DSVP if you have questions.

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