Professional Voice-Overs in 23 Languages


DS Video Productions


Natural Professional sounding voice-overs from DS Video Productions.

Please Enquire Before Ordering
DNB110.00 or $55
(1 unit)

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Do you need a voice-over for a course or listening exercise at your school? Do you need to advertise to your teaching services to your target audience in a foreign language? Or maybe you just don’t like the sound of your own voice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, DS Video Productions can create crisp, clear, professional sounding voice-overs for a reasonable price. These natural voice-overs come in 23 major languages. Male, female and some child voices are available. Music and sound effects can also be provided. Google quotes a 1 minute voice-over of 85-150 words at $115. DSVP voice-overs start at DNB110.00 for 1 minute. Click on the link below to hear voice samples.

Please contact Darryl@DSVP if you have any questions.

Link to DSVP voice samples
Link to DS Video Productions webpage
Link to DS Video Productions Facebook page


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