Digital Nomadic Bucks

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital trade dollars? This is the currency that can only be used in our multidirectional online barter exchange to measure the buying and selling of products (mostly digital, versus physical) and services (mostly for business, instead of personal).

Can I convert the digital trade dollars to cash? No, digital trade dollars (DNB) cannot be converted or sold for United States currency or any other type of currency for that matter.

How is the exchange multidirectional? If you want to purchase from a seller in the exchange, then that vendor doesn’t need to buy anything from yourself. Instead, you will use DNB to complete the transaction and then can spend the resulting digital trade dollars that’s stored within the secure wallet of your account on other things that you’d like to acquire.

Are there any cash fees? If you choose a basic membership, then you’ll only need to pay a modest cash fee on products and services that you purchase. However, the standard or premium option may be more suitable for your needs and it doesn’t matter which one you select, as you won’t need to pay any cash fees on any of the orders you receive, unlike Upwork and Fiverr. Simply, make your selection after starting the quick and simple registration process here.

Why must I pay that? Even though we charge far less in cash fees than other online marketplaces, we must cover our accounting, marketing, promotions and member services related costs and once again, you’ll never need to pay cash for anything you purchase, besides the modest cash fees that go towards our cost of doing business.

How must the cash fees be paid? PayPal. Yet, if you’re not able to pay the cash fees using PayPal, then you must instead transfer the total sale amount of the product or service in DNB, from your wallet to the sellers wallet. Then, within 24 hours after receiving notification from us, you must make the necessary payment for the cash fee to our Payoneer account. Otherwise, the wallet inside the buyers account will be credited and yours debited for the total sale amount of the product or service in DNB and the order will be void.

How can I see everything listed in the exchange? You can see all the available products and services that are organized in their respective categories here.

How can I get DNB and start shopping? Immediately after completing the registration process by selecting either a basic, standard or premium membership, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of at least 500 DNB (equivalent to $500 USD) and then can take a money-saving shopping trip, while also setting up your shop, then adding your first product or service and within 24 hours afterwards, an additional bonus of 250 DNB will be credited to the secure wallet of your account.

Do these bonuses need to be paid back? No, they don’t and they will allow you to start shopping inside the exchange before you’re able to earn DNB through your own sales.

How long will it take me to get new business? Immediately after you setup shop, you’ll be able to add your first product or service which will become accessible to all buyers within the exchange and they will be reminded about your offer on a regular basis, through our social media posts and eNewsletter.

Why should I accept DNB as a payment method? Digital nomads and freelancers choose to do business with us in order to fill their downtime. When a buyer sends you an enquiry, they are doing so because you accept DNB, even though you can give them the option of paying with cash outside of our site and they’ll be bound to refer you to others who will pay cash for whatever you’re selling as well. In fact, digital trade dollars are not designed to replace cash. Rather, it’s available to bring you new clients to do business with and for reducing your cash expenses, while also helping you to land new cash deals through the exchange.

So I can earn cash in your marketplace? Certainly! However, you can only offer a cash amount on your products and/or services for 50% or less of the total sale amount in DNB that’s advertised as well. Further, all buyers must choose either the DNB or cash option and not a combination of both. All buyers that choose to pay you only with cash, must do so outside of Digital Nomadic Bucks and as a result, no cash fee needs to be paid to us.

What if I can’t find anything to buy? Due to the fact that we’re constantly bringing in new sellers, there are always more money-saving shopping trips coming up for digital nomads or freelancers, such as yourself.

Does DNB expire? No. The digital trade dollars will be stored securely inside the wallet of your account and can be used whenever required.

What if I get too busy to take on additional business? If you’re not looking for new clients at any time in the future, then you can contact support and ask for your shop to be closed. From there, no buyer will be able to access your product and/or service within the exchange. However, you’ll still be able to shop as a basic, standard or premium member.

Can I change or cancel my membership? Of course you can and at any time. To cancel your basic, standard or premium membership, simply send us an email ( and state that you’d like to terminate your account. Within 24 hours afterwards, we will close it on your behalf.

How does the tax work for DNB transactions? Exactly the same as it does in the cash world. Any taxes that you would normally charge on cash transactions are done the same way and you are responsible for collecting and declaring your own taxes.